[Cheatsheet] 10 Point Checklist for a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign


Today you’ll learn how to plan, launch and track a digital marketing campaign for your hotel.

Why run a marketing campaign? A few of the most common reasons are to fill an off peak season, reward loyal customers, or build brand awareness – or sometimes all three!

Running a campaign can seem like an activity with too many moving parts and not enough time. However, even the busiest hotelier can find the time to run a successful campaign. Digital campaigns are necessary to success. Your online presence is now key to getting bookings and running a successful hotel – there’s just now way around it.

We’ve made a cheatsheet to help. It’s just one page long, but it’s got everything you need to run a great digital marketing campaign.

Here are the steps to help you plan, launch and track that campaign:

get the cheatsheet digital marketing

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