This week, there’s been a lot of buzz around email strategies for the new year and millennial patterns. We’ve picked out our favorite articles so you’ll have all those great resources in one place!

Today, we’re taking you through the statistics on millennial travel (Airbnb is popular with the younger crowd, but loyalty programs may be the key to getting them to stay), how to build a slam-dunk email campaign, and one hotelier’s favorite emails in the travel biz – and how to emulate them.

AARP reveals how different generations take their vacations

A new AARP survey of 2016 travel trends finds that nearly all Americans, regardless of age, are planning to take a trip for leisure in the coming year. However, that’s where the commonalities end: Baby Boomers, Generation Xers and Millennials have distinctly different views on how to take a vacation.

While 22 percent of Millennials are planning to make use of Airbnb, VRBO or other shared accommodations in 2016, only 9 percent of Boomers will be doing so.


Increase Email Clickthrough Rates: Four Tips for Hotel Marketers

To increase direct bookings with email marketing, you first have to deliver engaging campaigns. Sometimes it’s hard to know what will work with your audience, so it’s a good idea to implement a metrics-driven strategy. Gone are the Mad Men days of gut instinct. Today’s email marketing, especially for hotel audiences, is highly scientific. You should be measuring everything: Test, check your metrics, try something new based on those metrics, and test again.


Why Airbnb Doesn’t Spell Doom for the Hotel Business … Yet

Airbnb, the tech company that allows travelers to book rooms directly from homeowners, crossed the 2 million listings mark in 2015. And the company hassometimes touted itself as an alternative to hotels.

But according to analysts at Deutsche Bank, the company isn’t a threat to hotel chains — yet.


Bringing Loyalty Back: How Loyalty Programs are Changing with Millennials

Customer loyalty is sought after across all industries. But the recent mergers, acquisitions, and importance of being “big” in the hospitality space, has made brand loyalty increasingly important for hotels. With the new generation of millennial travelers, loyalty programs can be key to building customer engagement for hotels.


How Uses Email to Keep Loyal Customers sends me my favourite marketing emails, for reasons I will explain. They’re also dangerous because the offers are too tempting!

I’m usually not a fan of companies that send as many emails as – because some travel companies send a LOT – but has well and truly sucked me in with its email strategy.



Words By Taylor Smariga