This week, we’re focused on Millennials. You’ll find out all you need to know about who they are, how to communicate/sell to them, what they consume and most importantly, HOW they consume. There are a few articles on the general topic and a few articles on how this affects the Hotel Industry directly.

Check them out!

How to get Millennials to Book Direct

Millennials are quickly surpassing their Baby Boomer parents in purchasing power so what can your hotel do to get them to book direct? Social media should be at the heart of your marketing strategy but what else?

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Millennials Coming of Age

Check out this brilliant INFO-GRAPHIC from Goldman Sachs which will give you a snap shot of what makes a Millennial and how their spending habits will reshape the global economy.

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How Hotels can connect with Millennial Travelers

This article from Media Alpha looks at how Social Influences, Content Marketing and Mobile Presence can help attract Millennials.

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Personalisation in the Hotel Industry

eHotelier broach the subject of personalisation vs customisation. Start thinking about what each person wants to hear from your hotel.

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User Generated Content – why this is so important to Millennials and how it affects their purchasing behaviour

INFO-GRAPHIC from Tnooz focuses on three areas. 1. Experiences over comforts, 2. Delivering Digital Value and 3. Using Data to deliver the best experiences.

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