As many hotels have noticed over the last 12 months, the traffic landscape for hotel traffic is changing. In a time when digital activity is increasing, online bookings are growing and many hotels are becoming more sophisticated in their approach to digital channels, a drop in traffic from any channel may come as a surprise.

However, changes to Google’s search engine page, shifts in device usage and other factors all add up to one thing. Organic traffic is being rerouted to paid search, social, and even offline channels. It’s not necessarily a negative, though. Despite these changes, engagement and conversion rates are growing.

We think it’s essential to hotels’ future digital presence to be aware of the different causes that have led to these changes. Hotels must be aware of which channels are rising and falling in popularity among travelers. When you know which channels succeed for your hotel, you can create a more sophisticated strategy.

The 8 Biggest Reasons the Traffic Landscape is Shifting from Net Affinity

Our Marketing Director Hollie Faulkner has created an analysis of 8 recent changes that contribute heavily to this shift. Being aware of these changes and their impact is key to getting on top of this trend. Make sure your hotel is aware and ready to move with the times!