The Marketing Team at Net Affinity

We’ve got a pretty great Marketing Team here at Net Affinity.


We’ve got a stellar Marketing Team here at Net Affinity. They have a collective 50 years of industry experience, and a collective 23 years of experience working at Net Affinity. 

They’ve got the brains

Certified in everything from Google Adwords to Google Analytics, UX Design to Digital Sales… and of course, they’re Net Affinity Booking Engine whizzes! 


They are marketing experts and most of them have extensive marketing experience in their backgrounds, but they’ve also come from sales, business, finance and journalism. 

They love what they do

They like coming into work. Some things they enjoy in particular are:

  • Helping clients see results through digital marketing 
  • Tackling issues and coming to collective solutions  
  • Learning something new everyday  
  • Analysing new ways of reaching their audiences  

Give us a shout on if you’d like to speak to the team!

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