[SlideShare] Killer Copywriting Tips for Email Marketing: For Hoteliers

Our email marketing experts want to tell you how to make your newsletter amazing, and increase direct bookings. You’ll learn how to craft a killer subject line that will make sure your emails get opened and your open rates increase. We’ll also show you how to master your email content to grab those direct bookings.

Your hotel’s email audience is smarter than ever when it comes to digital communications. Today’s guests are more connected and have higher expectations than ever before. Think of how many emails you get every day – how often do you click on the ones that aren’t essential?

With messages overflowing in your prospects’ inboxes, it’s easy to understand why the majority are ignored or end up in the trash. So how can you make your newsletter stand out in the inbox and convert?

We’re here to tell you exactly that! Check out the slide deck for some of our best email marketing advice.

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