29 Ways to Drive Your Hotel Website’s Conversions

This week, we wanted to make our round up all about conversion optimisation. We scoured the web for the best articles on getting the most out of your hotel website, and came up with some 29 pretty spectacular tips. Here’s what these articles cover:

  • fundamentals to increase on-page conversion rates
  • 10 ways to boost ecommerce revenue (it’s not specific to hotels, but this article has tips that are so useful they work across all ecommerce sites – including hotels!)
  • quick to improve conversion rates on your special offers without a lot of extra time or work
  • ways to make your hotel website irresistable for your potential guests
  • 5 things Airbnb’s missing, and how your hotel marketing team can take advantage of that

Pick your favorite collection of tips, and dive in.

The 1-2-3 Of Conversion Optimization For Hotels

Entire books, websites, podcasts, etc., are devoted to conversion rate optimization. But, if you don’t have a formal on-page conversion strategy and don’t want to wade through all the advice, here are three fundamental tactics of conversion optimization:


These 10 Things Are the Secret to Boosting Ecommerce Revenue

Running an online business can be a lot harder than it looks, especially when you consider the vast amount of sites out there that you’re competing against.

Whether you’re just starting out or your business just isn’t seeing the profit growth it used to, you’re probably wondering what you can be doing to set yourself apart from the competition and boost your sales.

Use these 10 tips to draw in more new customers (and hopefully keep them coming back), create a more efficient user experience, and overall, end up with more profits and more happy customers.


5 Ways to Improve Your Hotel’s Special Offers – Right Now!

As a hotelier, your goal is to sell rooms. You want people to book your special offers, and you want a lot of people to book.

There are a lot of new techniques and fancy tools out there to help you do that, especially as data and personalisation become more important. However, sometimes the quickest way to get more direct bookings is a bit of old-fashioned marketing.

Before you turn your focus to complicated techniques, use these 5 tips to improve the conversions for your special offers right now – before they leave!


6 Tenets of Good Hotel Website Design

Booking engine, information platform, marketing tool. A hotel’s website serves many purposes, but ultimately, it’s the virtual front door to your hotel.

That’s why it’s crucially important hoteliers design pages that provide the same sense of welcome as the property itself.

Travelers, as with most online consumers, judge books by their covers. Here are six ways to get guests to pick your proverbial book off the shelf.


These 5 Missing Features from Airbnb are a Marketing Goldmine for Hotels

With the increasing popularity of the vacation rental website Airbnb, it is more important than ever to leverage your hotel’s unique qualities to ensure guests keep coming back to stay. Here are 5 features your hotel provides that guests won’t find at an Airbnb and tips to better market them to potential guests!


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