5 Golden Rules of Christmas Campaigns


Net Affinity’s gift to you …‘Tis the season to spread joy and goodwill after all!

It’s nearly time to put your Christmas tree up in the hotel lobby and create a perfectly cozy winter setting for your guests to enjoy over the yuletide period.

As well as making your hotel look the part for the festivities, a killer campaign is also essential to get lots of bookings and profit. There is so much ‘white noise’ out there across all industries when it comes to Christmas campaigns, it can be difficult to make yours stand out from the crowd and genuinely delight and engage the user.


The most effective holiday campaigns Coca-Cola-adevoke strong emotion; they promote connecting with loved ones or doing a good deed in the spirit of Christmas. The best Christmas campaigns over the years have been the likes of Coca-Cola, and UK Department Store, John Lewis, but there’s nothing stopping you having an equally goosebump-inducing campaign for your hotel and potentially going viral.

For simple and effective ways to remind users to check out your Christmas deals, think about adding snowfall to your site, a countdown clock for added suspense or a Christmas themed action bar to point users in the direction of your Christmas content and special offers page.

Xmas action bar


Are you hoping to get more direct bookings for Christmas this year? Allow the experts at Net Affinity to make your holiday wishes come true… read on to discover our 5 Golden Rules of Christmas campaigns!

5 Golden Rules of Christmas Campaigns

  1. Forward Planning

Allocate Budgets now and start the process of brainstorming campaign ideas, gathering content and setting plans into motion.

  1. Use Your Data

Know when voucher sales and bookings usually pick up to set your campaign launch date for the optimum date. Use data sources such as Google Analytics and your Booking Engine to spot trends and indicate when you should start your campaign activity and when to ramp it up.

  1. Keep It Simple

Come up with easy-to-understand packages with Christmas themed value-ads. Think about what your guests would need to have a great Christmas in your hotel as opposed to at home.

  1. Content. Content.

Make sure you have plenty of content and a website page devoted to your Christmas deals, even a microsite if necessary. This will boost site traffic from an SEO perspective and also help better inform users of your holiday deals.

  1. Message Match

Once you have devised a strong campaign, all your content and imagery should complement one another across all platforms – mixed messages get confusing for the user and instill distrust so keep it consistent.

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