When it comes to your hotel’s digital marketing strategy, your KPIs are the bedrock on which your success rests. If your KPIs are constantly shifting, based on vanity metrics, or simply undefined, you’ll have no way of measure which of your campaigns are wins and which are flops. Put your focus on KPIs front and centre.

We’re here to help. With these 6 essential KPIs, your digital marketing will have firm ground to stand on.  Metrics are different for eCommerce campaigns and non-eCommerce campaigns – are your metrics correct?

This cheatsheet will look at channel performance metrics and engagement rate, which are the most noteworthy areas to look at. These two sets of KPIs are complimentary. Channel performance metrics show you how each marketing channel is doing, and engagement rate metrics show you how engaged your audience is.

To look at the 6 most essential KPIs for your hotel, click below to get the cheatsheet. As a result, your marketing will soar.

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