[E-Book] The Revenue Manager’s Guide to Building Direct Bookings


Our goal at Net Affinity is to help hotels build a thriving book direct strategy. We know that process can be challenging, though, with guests visiting between 121 and 161 travel sites in the 5 weeks before they book a trip. How do you hold users’ attention and persuade them to book? This e-book is designed to make things easier.

In this set of articles written specifically for Revenue Managers, you’ll learn about:

  1. Tips to combat high cancellation rates, especially from third party sites
  2. Why rate parity is so important & how to combat rate disparity
  3. How to unlock valuable data from your booking engine to boost direct bookings
  4. How to conquer mobile booking abandonment
  5. 9 key trends for the modern revenue manager

Along with the immediate revenue benefits of paying lower commission rates, building your direct bookings increases the lifetime value of the guest. It also gives  you more control over your hotel’s profitability.

Ready to learn practical strategies to drive direct bookings? Let’s get started.

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