The Evolving Online Landscape


This week our reads are all about the ever-changing online landscape, from the latest social trends, to your website. Your hotel needs to be visible where your prospects spend a vast quantity of their time – surfing the web!

Keeping up with the trends means being adaptable, checking out what those at the top of their digital game are doing, and doing a lot of trial and error to see what works for your hotel.

You never know, what might appear to be ‘just a phase’ could end up increasing your average daily rate!

Read on for our hand-picked selection of this week’s must reads!

How Hotel Website Design Affects ADR

Your hotel website is the first place virtually all of your future guests will engage with your property and set expectations. But more importantly, as hotels struggle to increase rates in the face of new supply and maxing occupancy… your hotel website can actually help you to sell guestrooms at higher rates (And possibly even higher than what is already posted on OTAs ?)

Today, savvy hotel marketers and their web designers are relying on psychology to guide their design decisions. Only then, can they build a website aimed at increasing revenue from the very start.  After all, the right psychological cues can influence guests to click where you want them to and book when you want them to. Conversely, the wrong cues can send them fleeing faster than a slow loading page.


Why Travel & Hospitality Brands Can’t Ignore The Power of LinkedIn Pulse For B2B Marketing

As a hotel or travel brand, if you’re not focusing your attention on LinkedIn Pulse, you’re missing out on a potentially huge opportunity and audience. In April 2017, LinkedIn reached an impressive milestone, as it confirmed over 500 million people use its professional social network. Yet the platform often doesn’t enjoy the same level of affection nor respect as other, seemingly more trendy networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


How To Turn Your Hotel Guests Into Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors have become a more widely known way of advertising to gain customers. They’re used by all different kinds of companies, and could prove to be a beneficial method of marketing to promote your hotel. Brand ambassadors are people who would stay at your hotel, have a great experience and want to promote you on their social media, without making you pay them a salary


Facebook Travel Summit 2017: Adapting To The Speed of People

Facebook reported that video accounts for about 50% of all mobile data traffic, and by 2021, it will account for more than 70% of all mobile data traffic. There is now 100 million hours of video viewed on Facebook per day, on average. Even with all this content to ingest, people need less time to process a thought (reduced from .3 to .03 seconds). With this extra time, Facebook users are thumbing through 300 feet of content per day on average in their News Feed.


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