Fostering a positive work culture in your hotel

Fostering a positive work culture in your hotel

Thankfully, in many industries, it seems that a renewed focus has been placed on the happiness and satisfaction of staff. It will come as no surprise that happy employees are up to 20% more productive than unhappy ones.

U.K.-based University of Warwick found that workplace bliss leads to a 12% increase in productivity, while distress leads to a 10% decrease

You want your hotel to feel like a comfortable environment. It won't feel like this if there are unhappy staff walking the halls, and people are very perceptive, they will pick up on more than you're necessarily aware of. 

It's very simple - when your staff are satisfied, it also means that they will treat your guests better. So, how can you make work a happy place for your employees?

Support your staff

As well as offering training and upskilling, one of the most important things you can do for your staff is to let them know they are fully supported. When they feel like you're in there corner, they will be naturally committed to doing a better job. Support can be given through teamwork, collaboration, a willingness to listen and to help. Instilling these values from the top down will create a positive environment for the whole company to thrive within. 

Another element of support is trust. Trusting your staff will empower them and give them confidence to learn, and make the right decisions.


Work is a type of community, and teams of people can often end up being friends. We spend so much time at work, it's no wonder. Team bonding exercises are an important element in building this sense of friendship and breaking down any awkward barriers. It doesn't have to be big, elaborate exercises - it's just about making time to allow your employees to connect. This will help them work better together. 

Recognition is key

How can you make people feel motivated on an ongoing basis? Build their self esteem by practising encouragement and recognition! We all love to be recognised for our achievements, our hard work, our effort. After awhile, if we don't feel like that effort is being appreciated, it can make us lazy. We might get disillusioned and stop putting in as much of an effort. So, just remember how important it is to celebrate the little things, and even if it's just taking the time to say 'great work' - it will be appreciated, and will go a long way. 

People can only do their best if they have everything they need

You can't expect your staff to perform miracles or move mountains. They can only do so much, and if you don't have the tools and technology they need to fulfil their duties to the best of their ability, that's on you. 

For numerous reasons, it's so important as a hotelier that you recognise the enormous benefit of investing in the right tools for your staff and business as a whole. Invest in automation tools that will save your staff time and allow them to give more energy to guests. Make sure your booking engine is high-performing so it is not difficult for them to glean insights. 

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Don't forget human kindness!

Whether you're the leader of your team, the sales manager, the receptionist or the chef - in every single section of your hotel, practise kindness to your fellow staff members. Professionally, it's something that will reflect well on your business. Personally, and on a human level, you never know what people are going through! Work is a huge part of our lives, and in this industry, things can get intense. Being kind has the power to make your colleague's day that bit easier, and encourages people to trust each other.
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