How Should Your Hotel Website Display Pricing?

Pricing methods are one of the areas of hotel websites where data trumps conventional wisdom. If you asked a revenue manager which type of pricing method was the best at getting their guests to complete bookings, they likely either wouldn’t know the might say that a per person or per night rate was the most successful.

However, our data shows exactly the opposite!

Here’s what we looked at:

Total pricing methods:

  1. Per room
  2. Per night
  3. Total stay

Per person pricing methods:

  1. Per person
  2. Per person sharing
  3. Per person per night

We found that on desktop, hotels using total pricing methods (per room, per night, and total stay) from start to finish outperform the lowest converting pricing method of per person pricing by 74%. 

Hotels using any total pricing method convert at a 20% higher conversion rate than those using a per person pricing method. So, use a total pricing method rather than a per person one, and see how it affects your conversion rate. Observe your own booking funnel carefully.

When it comes to fiddly questions like pricing methods, rely on the data. What works for one hotel might not work for another. Also, what’s worked in the past might not work in the future!

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