[Infographic] 6 Ways To Use Events To Increase Your Bottom Line


Wherever your hotel is based, local events are taking place all the time and could be a vehicle for potential revenue if used in the right way. They could come in the form of a big football match, or concert coming to town, or alternatively, they could come on a smaller scale such as a local festival or community event.

Keep an eye on upcoming events in your area that open up revenue opportunities for your hotel. Use these events to leverage your hotel and create enticing packages to drive business and increase profit.

Shoppers nowadays, those browsing online, in particular, demand deals. Studies show there is a rise in oxytocin levels in the brain when receiving a special offer or discount, happiness levels increase and stress levels drop.

This discourages shopping cart abandonment and also creates a positive booking experience, one the customer won’t be put off from repeating in the future.

Check out this infographic for 6 tips for using events to increase your bottom line:

Revenue from local events

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