[Infographic] How To Win Big At Cyber Weekend

Cyber Weekend is a big date in the hotel calendar. It’s a chance to increase occupancy during lower periods and cash-in on shoppers looking for a bargain!

This year the US holiday will take place from Friday 24 through to Monday 27 of November. The shopping mega-event is the day following Thanks Giving in America, it made the jump over the pond to Europe in 2010 by online shopping giant, Amazon.

Cyber Weekend 2016 went off with great success for Net Affinity clients. That’s why this year we took a look back at the data we collected to see what went well and what areas can be learned from, to maximize revenue for Cyber Weekend 2017.

Here are the 3 most important stats from Cyber Weekend 2016:

  1. Ecommerce

    • Ecommerce conversion rates on Cyber Weekend were 7% above the month’s average, showing a definite uptake in purchases driven by sales and offers put forth by hotels.
    • Average Booking Value (ABV) was 8.3% below the month’s average. This is due to the nature of the holiday – it’s all about the discounts!
  2. Mobile

    • Mobile transactions increased by 19%. Since traffic grew only 7.5%, we can clearly see the increased conversion rate mentioned above.
    • Mobile eCommerce peaked on Sunday, where 41% of revenue and transactions and 62% of traffic came from mobile.
  3. Social

    • Social was far and away the star of Cyber Weekend. 10% of revenue and 6% of transactions came directly from social channels – a 954% increase in transactions from social, and that’s not even including assisted conversions!
    • 33% of this month’s social revenue happened on Black Friday alone.

This success is easily replicable, this infographic explains how…


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