Landing Pages: Hot Tips for Your Hotel

We at Net Affinity are strong believers in landing pages. They drive conversions and direct bookings in a way your homepage just can’t. Why? They are single-focus, highly targeted, campaign-specific pages. They’re the right thing at the right time for your potential guests.

So today, we’re telling you all about landing pages: what they are, why they’re so great for hotels, and how to build your own. We’re even throwing in some brilliant examples of successful landing pages, along with a real-life case study showing the importance of testing and knowing your audience.

Sound good? We think so too! Let’s get started.

landing pages for hotels

Landing Pages are Effective for Hotels and Tour Operators Too

The travel industry has been slow to adopt landing pages and the lack of standards makes it difficult to decide how to start. This article is your introduction to travel booking landing pages. It lays out the rules for how any hotel, tour operator, tourist activity, and online travel agency can use landing pages to capture leads and use email remarketing to get more bookings.


Landing Pages for Travel Marketers

Your landing page is the first impression of your business. Optimizing your landing page can be the difference between  the financial success or failure of a marketing campaign.

Wait? Financial failure? How? It all has to do with targeting and the conversion funnel.


Landing Page Optimisation: Boost Your Hotel Campaign Conversion Rate

Most hotels know all about the importance of having an online presence.  However, not many organisations make full use of the wide variety of opportunities digital marketing has to offer, particularly when it comes to increasing conversions.

Landing pages are a hugely effective tool to truly get the most out of your hotel website. They are built with a single focus objective— to increase conversions, get more customers, or simply to build greater guest engagement.


35 Beautiful Landing Page Design Examples to Drool Over [With Critiques]

This post is all about showcasing awesome landing pages, to give you some inspiration for your next design. It’s worth stating that no page is ever perfect – or conversely,every page can be better.

With this in mind, we’ll be offering perspective on what makes each page special or interesting, while providing some insight into what we would try out in an A/B test experiment to optimize for higher conversions.


An Epic Landing Page Makeover That Debunked 3 Landing Page “Best Practices”

Sometimes, common wisdom isn’t exactly what your audience wants or what you needs – so how can you fix it?

In this post, you’ll see how three common conversion tips got totally debunked. Does it mean these best practices never work? No. But I guarantee it will change the way you think about best practices — and it’ll help prevent you from making the same conversion mistakes on your own landing pages.


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