Marketing your hotel through Covid-19: book direct offers & social media

Marketing your hotel through Covid-19: book direct offers & social media

While Covid-19 continues its unnerving control over the economy, our goal is to provide you with the marketing tips and resources you need to get through this time. There is still plenty to check, learn, prepare and action.

We’ll be posting all of the latest marketing tips from our experts over the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

First up – book direct offers post Covid-19


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Contrary to what it must feel like, things WILL get back to some kind of normality, and people will be looking to book getaways, with most experts thinking people will probably stick to travelling within their own countries and closer to home.

You want to stay ahead of the OTA’s so start promoting your book direct offers and make sure they’re better value.

Discount offers

For example – ‘We’re looking for to welcoming you back to _____. It’s been awhile! Book directly with us and get 25% off!’

Loyalty program

If possible, offer extra points to the person when they book direct


Free Wi-Fi is something that is now very much expected! Stay ahead of your competition by highlighting your best amenities. Take it one step further and remember how far personal touches go.

Consider the likes of:

  • A welcome note
  • Complimentary drinks on arrival or in the room
  • Including discounts for your bar & restaurant
  • Including discounts for your spa, treatments or wellness facilities
  • A free room upgrade

Promo code

Another handy and effective way to attract post-Covid direct bookings is with a promo code! Eg ‘Use the code ‘50OFF’ to get €50 off your next stay when you book directly with us!’

Highlight this on your newsletter, your campaigns and on your website.

Get the most of your social media channels

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Even if your hotel is closed, you still need to be active online – everyone may be working from home, but they’re still online for the majority of their day! In fact, people are spending 20% more time in their apps.

Using social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn is a great way to connect, foster a sense of community, keep your audience informed, updated and positive.

This is a time when positivity and a sense of community is greatly needed and appreciated by everyone. Be useful to your audience. Don’t stay silent.

Create organic content tailored for the right audiences on the right platforms, taking these content categories into consideration.


In times of crisis, great communities rally together to support each other and offer helping hands wherever they’re needed. There is a palpable sense of pride in the country at the moment, directed at every last person and company that has contributed to the cause – whether it’s donating to help feed our healthcare workers or checking in with elderly locals.



If your answer is yes to any of the below, use your social channels to communicate this.

  • Is your hotel helping others? If so, how?
  • Will you be making food deliveries or donations?
  • Do you provide a take-away service?
  • Are there any innovative ways your business has adapted to the crisis?


Share positive news that you’ve come across and that’s warmed your own heart. There’s enough negative and anxiety-inducing updates out there, alerting people every few minutes! Use your platform to contribute a sense of hope and ease into your audience’s day. It’s also a human way of connecting with your audience. At the end of the day, we all need the positives to get through. Pages like this one collate positive updates daily.


Pieces of wellness content have never been more needed or relevant. Staying healthy and as active as we can has never been so important. Whether you decide to do a series of social posts or a blog post, consider anything from mindfulness to meditation to workout tips. You might have a particular interest yourself in an area, or if not, there is plenty of content online to facilitate a piece, whatever you decide it to be on. or anything that focuses on being active and staying healthy.



Here are some thought starters:

  • Top 3 Indoor Exercise Tips from _______
  • Our recommended Yoga & Pilates online clips to try at home
  • Mindfulness tips from us
  • Keep sane and meditate with _________


Create a blog post showcasing recipes recommended by your Head Chef! Focus on easy-to prep, quick & healthy meals. You could also recommend seasonal cocktails to make at home (they can be non-alcoholic too). This is another simple way of sharing fresh, fun new content and giving your audience something to distract themselves with.

Try and remember the mindset that people are in when you’re posting. Focus your all of your organic social content on positive, helpful, useful posts – not offers. This is the time to use your social channels to build your community and connect with people.

One final suggestion – although it might be best to stay away from posting organic content around offers, think about running a competition across your channels to promote an Autumn package. Maybe ask them to send in a memory, an experience, a photo, or ask them to share on their stories. This is another way to create a sense of community, engagement and will also give you access to some user-generated content.

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