2016 has arrived, and this past year has seen a slew of changes to the hotel marketing landscape. The growth isn’t over, though – mobile is exploding and technology is expanding. That means that digital hotel marketing, still a relatively young and swiftly-growing field, is rapidly growing and changing along with it.

As digital hotel marketers on the cutting edge of new and effective ways to grow business for hoteliers, we at Net Affinity have put some serious thought into what the new year has brought to the online landscape.

Our top predictions? Mobile continues its meteoric ascent in terms of bookings. Content is the new SEO (although SEO still matters!). Relationship marketing is more vital than ever with the rise of ad blocking.

For more information on our top 16 hotel marketing trends for 2016, check out the Slideshare. If you’ve got a hot tip on a new trend, we want to know! Tell us about it in the comments below.

Words By Taylor Smariga