[SLIDESHARE] 3 Steps to Make Metasearch a Marketing Channel for Your Hotel

Metasearch has rapidly emerged to become one of the leading ways users can find cheap deals for travel, in arenas from air fare to hotel accommodation.  Metasearch sites can be a great asset to building direct bookings for the independent hotelier, but it’s all down to how you manage your Metasearch channels.

The best way to drive direct bookings through Metasearch is to treat them like a marketing channel for your hotel – because that’s what they are! Based our our recent article about the benefits of Metasearch marketing, we’ve broken out 3 actionable steps to make your Metasearch marketing presence work for you.

Those steps are:

  1. Claim your hotel profile on Metasearch sites
  2. Create a direct connection to Metasearch engines
  3. Optimise!

To dive into the details, check out the presentation.

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