[Slideshare] Attribution Models: The Secret Ways Guests Discover Your Hotel

As digital marketing gets more sophisticated, the topic of attribution models has come up over and over in conversations with clients: every hotel wants to know what, where and how their guests are booking online.

When you fully understand your online conversions, you can make better decisions when doing something as complex as allocating budgets, or as simple as going through a report.

Attribution is one of the trickiest aspects of the digital marketing industry: in a world where each and every user is interacting with your brand through a multitude of channels, it becomes very difficult to properly assign the correct value to each channel.

For example, what matters more – the paid ads you’re running on Facebook or the ones you’re running on AdWords? What about if someone clicks your ad on Google, visits your website, and later sees a remarketing ad you’re running on Facebook?

By default then, most of the time, we end up using the simplest attribution model available in order to at least have something to base our conclusions on.

In this presentation, we aim to clarify some of the concepts behind successful attribution models. We also want to share some of our own experience with attribution models, and talk about how you can look at your own guests’ path to purchase.

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