[SlideShare] How to Craft Compelling Copy

Writing copy for your hotel website: it’s easy to do, but it’s hard to do right.

Finding language that is interesting and reflects your hotel’s unique features is difficult enough.

When you add in the challenge of writing in a compelling way, without using too much of one adjectives or constantly throwing in unnecessary commas, it can feel like a job more suited to a Pulitzer winner than a hotelier.

The challenge can be overcome, though. With a few basic guidelines to follow and an added twist of your own hotel’s personality, you can create homepage copy that draws in guests and makes them want more.

We’ve created 4 tips to guide you to great copy that resonates with your guests, creates vivid mental pictures and draws on their emotions.

Here’s the 4 tips you’ll learn more about:

  1. Creating vivid imagery so guests can imagine themselves in your hotel
  2. Keeping it short and sweet
  3. Using adjectives properly – this means not using too many!
  4. Showing off benefits, not features, to potential guests

Check it out!


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