So last weekend the world went green for St. Patrick’s Day. Hotels around the world were sharing great content across social media, including our own North Star Hotel, who outdid themselves with rainbow cake videos, city greening pictures and behind the scenes snaps. All their posts got great engagement across the different platforms and so we thought it apt to look at social media this week in our Friday 5.



northnorth star

Here are 5 great articles from across the web to help get those creative juices flowing and increase engagement on your social activity.

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1. 9 of the Best Ways to Increase Engagement on Social Media

While social media provides an affordable platform to promote your business, you can’t drive conversions without engagement. This article shows how humour, original content and timing are all key to social success.

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2. 15 Instagram Post Ideas to Cure Creative Block

Coming up with Instagram post ideas is a challenge, but also something that just needs a little creative thinking.

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3. Social Media Marketing: 3 Great Examples of Hotels that are Getting it Right

Need inspiration for your social strategy? See 3 great examples here from hotels around the globe.

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4. How to Increase YouTube Engagement for your eCommerce Website

When 100 hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube every minute, how can you stand out and promote your brand?

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5. A Hotel Twitter Guide

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks in the world with more than 300 million monthly users. Our handy Twitter Hotel Guide gives you the down-low on how to avoid being #irrelavant!

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