Make Hotel Guests Feel Loved with Great Customer Service

How do you make a guest fall in love with your hotel? This week, in honour of Valentine’s Day, our Friday Five is all about customer service. Treat your guests with the respect and attention they want, show them your beautiful décor and charming restaurant, and you’ll be sure to have them falling in love with you.

From in person service to managing your hotel’s reputation online, find out how to turn a one-off booking into a solid relationship.

The Secret to Great Hotel Reviews

The best way for a hotel to protect their reputation is also the best way to deliver excellent customer service: by empowering your staff with both training and technology.

This article argues that, to please today’s well-researched, internet savvy traveler, you need to cut down on the amount of negative feedback that reaches the digital ether. To do that, you need a hotel with a quick system to answer guest requests, and you need everyone on the same system. If housekeeping has one way to handle guest requests while the concierge uses something else entirely, both your staff are going to be confused and unhappy.


Online Reputation Management: Why and How to Revitalise Your Online Presence

Service doesn’t start when your guest walks in to your hotel for check in. It starts when they first see your hotel’s brand name on the internet, whether that’s on a PPC ad, an OTA or your own website.

Online reputation management is all about  managing your online brand in relation to guest reviews and social media interactions, both positive and negative. Then, you’re looking at how this impacts your property, and how the brand is portrayed.


How to Find Your Ideal Guest with Google Analytics

It takes two to build a relationship, right? And sometimes it’s hard to find the right person. So, to help you find your ideal guest, here’s an in-depth look at how to find the right people to  target in your marketing.

This guide will give you, step by step, the tools you need to break down all that data in Google Analytics and use it to build personas for your ideal guests. These personas, in turn, will let you create a targeted, focused marketing strategy, so you don’t waste money on people who aren’t going to book and potential guests can find you when they want  to.


Study Finds Personalized Service Key to Hotel Customer Service

The majority of travelers are not loyal to any one hotel, and hotels need to focus on creating personalized experiences from customer data to get traveler loyalty, according to a study released in December. In other words, to get guests to fall in love with you, you need to show them you care about them, as individually as possible.

Using customer data and insights about customers will help hotels structure more personalized experiences around their guests, according to the study. In turn, that personalization will drive brand preference.


30 Proven Ideas To Catapult Your Revenue

Finally, you can’t have great customer service without, well, customers. Here’s an eCommerce infographic with 30 proven ways to boost your guest intake, including tips on improving your website, your customer service, and making sure your booking funnel is as streamlined as possible.


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