What are Bumper Ads and Why Does Your Hotel Need Them?

The inconvenient drag of a 30 second ad before a minute long Youtube clip is no more. Great user experiences require new formats, and so the ‘bumper ad’ has been born. Bumper ads are the 6 second video formats that are saving the longest 30 seconds of any consumers time. However, it is not just consumers that should be praising them to the skies. They can provide your hotel with countless benefits, including high impact brand building. Keep reading to discover how to develop and why you need an effective bumper ad.

Maximum Reach on a Minimal Budget

First and foremost, bumper ads promise an efficient CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and a high reach. With Youtube’s audience of over one billion active users a month, the greatest reach on any budget is guaranteed. Furthermore, these bite-sized messages cannot be skipped, but at the same time have a minimal impact on your viewer’s user experience. Not only do they promise a maximum reach, they also effectively drive upper funnel results. According to this Google Adwords blog, a study carried out showed a significant lift in the awareness of the attached brand in 70% of 122 bumper campaigns.

Tease & Intrigue

Unlike traditional advertisements, bumper ads allow you to tease your viewer to pique interest, create anticipation and intrigue them to seek out the full story. If done correctly, they are short on time, but long on impact. Use a simple approach but begin with a striking or appealing image to catch the attention of your viewer. Furthermore, leave your viewers with a clear and straightforward CTA and time to process it. According to this Think with Google post, two seconds at the end of the clip is a good length to aim for in order for this to be accomplished. 

Amplify Your Message

As well as acting as a teaser, your bumper ad can be used as an add-on to amplify the message of your video marketing strategy. For more information on an effective video marketing strategy click here. Once you have one established, run it along side a bumper ad for an incremental reach. For those hard to reach, on-the-go internet users, a six second ad is much more appealing and digestible. The short format is particularly effective on mobile, which is ideal in today’s mobile first viewership environment. This is a great example from a movie that covers the topic of global warming, called ‘The High Diver’.

Let Your Creative Juices Flow

Something you may be asking yourself is just how to make these bite sized messages effective? Well, another bumper ad perk is that they give you the opportunity to take more chances. The trick to getting the most out of your bumper ad is to avoid cramming your 15-30 second clip into these 6 seconds. Treat your bumper ad independently so you do not drown your message.

One way that you can do this is by separating each ad’s purpose to give yourself more leeway to get your creative juices flowing. For example, you can have one ad to catch attention, one for brand awareness and another for deep level engagement. Create a number of distinct ads, each one highlighting the unique elements of your hotel. You can then use them in sequence through the use of a common theme, allowing the viewer to ‘connect the dots’ of your video series.

Reinforce Your Campaign

Re-target the viewers of your TrueView or Google Preferred ads with follow up bumpers. This is a great way of consolidating and reinforcing your campaign’s message. According to this Google Adwords study, out of 122 bumper campaigns in the US, 9 out of 10 drove ad recall globally. By linking your YouTube channel directly to your AdWords, you can create re-marketing lists designed to re-target users that may have shown a certain interest in any video from a channel. For example, if a viewer clicked into a ‘Bridal hairstyle tutorial’ video, the Galgorm Hotel could use this to their advantage and re-target them with their wedding themed bumper ad.


Bumper ads are extremely effective campaigns which are designed around current, modern viewing habits. They are effective, short messages which guarantee exposure without the risk of annoying your viewer. Good things really do come in small packages, so what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get started on your bumper ad campaign.

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