[SLIDESHARE] 5 Key Trends for Modern Revenue Management

The first in a two-part series, this SlideShare will take you through 5 of the most important trends in revenue management today:

  1. Increasing Profitability
  2. Seizing the Moment with Book Direct
  3. Planning Ahead
  4. Better Data (Tools)
  5. Technology

This isn’t about the timeless fundamentals. Instead, it’s about the key forces changing the field, and how revenue managers can adapt and grow. These current trends and strategies are the ones that we think are vital to strong revenue growth and growing your direct bookings. That means they are the ones to take advantage of if you want your profits to do more than just hold steady.

What’s the equation for success? There are lots of different theories, but we think there are two major factors for the modern revenue manager. The tools they’re using, and how well they’re integrating their revenue management knowledge with the big picture.

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