Last-Minute Christmas Voucher Sales | Increase Your Voucher Sales This Festive Season

Last-Minute Christmas Voucher Sales | Increase Your Voucher Sales This Festive Season

Are you looking to increase gift voucher sales this Christmas? 

At Net Affinity, we understand that Christmas is a pivotal time of giving. That’s why, in this blog, we’re looking at how implementing Christmas voucher sales as a last-minute endeavour can increase bookings and overall revenue.

Christmas Voucher Sales | Creating an Eye-Catching Campaign 

Christmas voucher sales are on the rise, with more and more customers opting for a monetary value gift over a physical present. 

But, with so many vouchers on the market, it’s essential to stand out from the crowd to ensure you get the custom.

An attention-grabbing Christmas voucher is likely to garner a positive response from your customers and, as a hotelier, you’re already in the prime position to attract a universal audience.

By designing a striking voucher that inhabits valuable discounts, you’ll entice customers to purchase a last-minute gift for their loved ones, while receiving amplified bookings post-Christmas.

At Net Affinity we strive to assist you in ensuring a positive start to the new year with increased bookings; in company with the opportunity to broaden your current client database.

Finding Out When Vouchers are Most Effective?

To optimise your Christmas voucher sales, it’s imperative to pinpoint timing and regularity.

Looking back on 2022, statistics proved that December was distinctly the most popular month of purchase, holding 40% of all voucher revenue for the year.

For many, city breaks are the perfect gift idea for a loved one and, so, a discounted offer is faultless.

As confirmed, December proves the most appealing month for purchase, but within the last month of the year 5% of all voucher revenue is transacted on Christmas Eve — highlighting the last-minute panic-buyers!

At Net Affinity, we make it our mission for you to succeed as hoteliers; find out how we’ve helped Amber Springs Hotel increase revenue by 38% since joining Net Affinity.

The 2023 Statistics So Far | Christmas Voucher Sales

So far, 2023 has proven to be a very strong voucher period for hotels. We condensed the data and found that December is trending 9% ahead compared to 2022, with the average transaction value per voucher purchased over 12% ahead of 2022 — equivalent to an average order value of £150/€170.

As well as this, our November stats caught out the early birds gathering Christmas presents ahead of the seasonal chaos as, in comparison to 2022 voucher sales, November 2023 finished 24% ahead — demonstrating an increased demand.

Essentially, Christmas voucher sales are becoming increasingly more popular, and we’re here to assist you in optimising a distinct offer that consumers will struggle to refuse, ultimately increasing revenue and establishing a comforting reliability on direct bookings for not just the new year, but across the whole of 2024.

Our Top Tips for Christmas Voucher Sales 

So, how can you format the perfect Christmas voucher sale this winter?

November accounts for 12% of all voucher revenue throughout the year, with 75% of voucher purchases occurring in the twelve-day run up to Christmas.

Despite most suggestions leading to pre-Christmas campaign ideas, peaks in voucher sales continue past Christmas day, and run into new year’s day.

After all, individuals do have birthdays, anniversaries, and engagements to celebrate in the futile days between Christmas and New Year and beyond.

So, while it’s important to keep in mind that Christmas voucher sales around the festive period are bound to be successful, don’t forget that the moments after are also a blissful time to boost revenue! 

Having a year-round voucher strategy ensures that you capitalise on voucher sales at all times, not just during the Christmas voucher rush.

How Net Affinity Can Help You Establish a Successful Campaign

At Net Affinity, we make it our mission to support you in tailoring a successful campaign aligned with your brand and to, more importantly, reach your target audience.

To learn more about Net Affinity's voucher platform and how we assist hotels with your voucher campaigns throughout the year, simply contact a member of our team.

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