In this week’s Friday 5 we take a look at Airbnb. Never far from headlines, the home-sharing platform has outdone itself in 2018. First the announcement of two new tiers of homes, and then their long-awaited guest loyalty scheme (Superguest). More recently their integration with Siteminder has grabbed everyone’s attention and left us wondering what is next for the global giant?

These 5 articles offer some insights into how the company is changing and how it might affect your hotel.

Check them out:

1. Can Airbnb Compete with the OTAS?

It’s becoming harder every day to differentiate between Airbnb and traditional online travel agencies. And now the agreement that allows Siteminder, a leading hotel distribution platform, to distribute hotel rooms on Airbnb is blurring that line even more. But can Airbnb compete with the OTAS?

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2. Airbnb Pounces with Ads Against OTA Commissions and a Survey Showing Dissatisfaction among Smaller Hoteliers

Following their recent foray into hotel distribution Airbnb wasted no time in launching a new ad campaign directly challenging the OTA commission for hotels. The ad touts their much lower commission structure of 3% to 5%, no contract obligation and the “new tools coming soon.”

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3. Winning the Direct Booking: Combat the Effect of Airbnb on Your Hotel’s Bottom Line 

Even as Airbnb move into hotel room distribution, research shows 50% of travellers in 2018 will stay in Airbnb private accommodation. How can hotels win this business?

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4. Come on, Airbnb – Consumers Want You on Online Travel Agencies

In a recent poll 54% of people say they would “find it valuable” if online travel agencies offered Airbnb private accommodation in their search results. Airbnb says integration with others sites is “definitely a possibility”.

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5. Airbnb and Parity: What Hoteliers Need to Know

Now hotels can list on Airbnb it’s important to remember the principle of price parity and providing potential guests with a consistent experience across all sites they are browsing. When thinking about different levels of commission it’s always best to start with what the guest is paying.

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