This week, the Competition and Markets Authority encourages hotels to step up their pricing strategy on OTAs. After finding that 47% of hotels surveyed were not aware that and Expedia had agreed to drop price parity clauses, they published guidance for hotels on varying their prices across different OTAs.

Additionally, data insights have been published to reveal what companies across the travel space should focus on to improve their search visibility. These include a ‘highly browsable experience,’ meaning one designed for easy navigation and focused on relevant content. You can also take a look at articles from the week on becoming mobile-friendly, building hotel loyalty programs, and marketing mistakes.

Competition watchdog urges hotels to take advantage of demise of price parity

The Competition and Markets Authority is encouraging hoteliers to increase competition by varying deals on different online travel agency partners.

The UK regulator took part in EU-wide research with nine other national competition agencies involving hotels, OTAs and metasearch sites.

It found 79% of hotels had not varied the price for their rooms across OTA platforms since 2015 when Expedia and agreed to stop insisting on price parity clauses. The research also found 47% of hotels surveyed were not aware that and Expedia had even made these changes.

The CMA today published guidance for hotels for the setting of prices for online travel agents.

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Travel Ranking Factors 2017: Data Insights that travel sites need to know for performing on Google

New research from Searchmetrics identifies the important travel industry-specific search ranking factors that travel agents, airlines, hotel chains and other travel-related brands should consider in order to help improve their visibility in Google searches.

A summary of the findings is: Travel brands rank higher by giving searchers a highly browsable experience, helping them easily gather and compare related information. They should also cover topics comprehensively, using more words and more large images, even if this means pages load a little slower.

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Top 5 Mistakes Hotels Make In Marketing

Running a hotel isn’t easy. In the day-to-day grind we can sometimes let some things fall through the cracks. Today, let’s take a step back to reflect and talk about 5 mistakes we see hoteliers regularly make with their marketing, and we’ll share our tips on how to fix them and get on the path to your best hotel marketing yet!

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Hotel Loyalty Programs Must Move Beyond Discounts

Loyalty programs have become a more valuable tool for every type of hotel as the Book Direct movement has increased momentum. They are seen, especially by major chains, as the natural progression to gain a longer term value from the guests. After working so hard to persuade guests to book directly for the first booking, hotels wants to encourage the guest as much as possible to come back directly again and again.

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The Hotelier’s Cheat Sheet for Being Mobile Friendly

In 2017, more people are searching the web on their phones than on a desktop computer, and are five times more likely to leave a website if it isn’t mobile-friendly.

It’s imperative for hoteliers to fully understand the benefits of optimising their online marketing efforts for mobile, or run a very serious risk of alienating potential guests and losing business.

Luckily, this process is not rocket science. We’ve put together a handy high-level ‘cheat sheet’ you can use to help ensure your transition into the world of mobile is as smooth as possible.

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