This week we’re looking at a variety of articles discussing direct website bookings versus those from third parties. While we understand the importance of hotels having a diverse revenue stream in order to reach as many customers as possible, we also want to empower hotels to win more business direct and increase their bottom line. Want to know more? Check these out.

1. Show Me the Money! Understanding your Acquisition Costs

Understanding the Cost per Acquisition for each of your distribution channels is essential for a successful hotel revenue strategy.

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2. Direct Bookers are Bigger Spenders

Direct bookers are significantly more profitable than those who come through OTAs. Research shows that direct bookers spent 9% more, or 18% if you consider ancillary revenue.

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3. Online Hotel Bookings: Hotel Direct vs OTA

Major hotel chains have accelerated their direct booking campaigns to get customers to bypass OTAs. Can you learn from their inititiaves?

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4. Finding the Right Balance Between OTAs vs Direct Bookings

Want more direct bookings? Start by working on your personal branding. Then build an impressive website and have a smart distribution strategy in place.

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5. This is How Hotels Could Win the Direct Booking Wars

Look at what the big brands are doing and see if your hotel can follow suit. Try renegotiating your OTA contracts and invest further in your marketing activity.

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