Driving direct bookings for Telal Resort Al Ain


Peace, indulgent luxury, a sense of wonder at your almost other-worldly surroundings – just some of the things you will feel, and notice, upon arriving at Telal Resort Al Ain, Dubai.

Situated in the historical Remah Desert on the outskirts of Al Ain (meaning ‘The Spring’ in Arabic) it’s just a short drive from both Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports. The entire surroundings of this beautiful 5 star boutique resort are steeped in a deep, rich sense of past, present and future Arabian culture and tradition. Think sumptuous grounds with stunning rooms, a sunken fresh water pool, spa, and even a ‘heritage village’ where you can visit a traditional souk market.

The start of our journey together

We were excited to begin working with the Telal Resort in March 2019. Initially, we met their most pressing need and went live with their booking engine in April 2019. Then, as we continued getting to know the hotel’s business, challenges they had faced in the past and their overall objectives, we undertook a bespoke website design project.

Driving direct bookings… and increasing mobile traffic

One previous issue the team in Telal Resort had faced before joining Net Affinity was that their website hadn’t been mobile responsive (quick reminder of the consistent growth in mobile traffic and revenue).

Our two key objectives of the bespoke website design project were:

  1. To drive more direct bookings
  2. To increase mobile traffic

We wanted to ensure the team felt supported and cared for at every step of the way on this project. Initially, we arranged a virtual meeting with the Telal Resort Management Team, our Project Manager and Lead Designer to ensure a smooth, open discussion where expectations of the project were set on both sides. They’re now managed and cared for by our excellent Client Services Team.

Easy to use, nice to look at

The bespoke website for The Telal Resort went live in October 2019.

Uniquely built and fully optimised, the site heroes imagery and video, lending its slick, simple, easy-to-use design to an array of impressive content Telal has on display. The combination between all elements? Winning.

What does the client think?

“Thanks to Niall, Laura, Maja and the wider Net Affinity team for designing such an amazing website. It is the website we have been searching for, for a long time!“ Sanjay Kumar, Revenue Manager at Telal Resort Al Ain.

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