Here are some resources to help your hotel on its recovery journey


Throughout this chaotic period of change and unrest, we have been trying our best to continue supporting you in every way we can. We’ve developed new content, made important product updates and devised offers, all to try and give you an extra bit of support when you need it.

As we approach better days, we just wanted to give you a quick reminder of some of the resources available to you. We’re still all in this together.

Booking engine updates

We’ve made a number of booking engine updates that should hopefully each contribute in a small way to make your experience that bit easier in light of the ‘new normal’ and what it requires. They include:

  • Pre-cancellation message displayed to a customer before cancelling
  • Post-cancellation message displayed when the booking is successfully cancelled
  • Health and Safety information can appear in a new option in the footer of the booking engine
  • Add custom messages to each step of the booking process

For the full list of updates and more on our booking engine features, visit our knowledge base.

90 day free trial of our website builder

The goal is direct bookings. How do you get them? Well, one of the key ingredients is the perfect website. A website built to convert. You also want a site that always looks fresh, clean, is easy to use, and easy to update! Our website builder provides all of these things at the click of a button. If you’re a hotelier, we’re offering you a 90 day free trial of our website builder so you can enjoy it at ease before making a decision either way. If you’re interested in this offer and would like to avail, email us on


We started developing three different podcast series after lockdown began with the goal of providing you with a range of helpful content in a way that was super easy to digest. Each podcast series was devised to show the effect Covid-19 was having on all parts of our industry, and to hear from real people in all kinds of businesses and circumstances, how they were handling things. We also used them to provide helpful tips and information for hoteliers looking for advice on marketing in particular.

We’ve continued to produce the podcasts each week, steering themes towards recovery. Marketing in the Morning, The Partner Series and The Hotelier’s Take – listen to them all here! And watch out for upcoming episodes each week on our LinkedIn page.


We decided to devise a webinar series, too. Our team are highly knowledgeable and they were happy to hold regular webinars throughout the lockdown period, touching on all relevant topics and providing genuinely useful, in-depth guidance and advice. You can watch them back here.

Marketing tips

Our marketing team have been busy bees over lockdown, providing fresh content each week for hoteliers looking to improve their marketing skills and knowledge. As well as the Marketing in the Morning podcast, we’ve been penning them down, too – so whatever way you prefer receiving your updates, there’s no way of missing them. Have a look back at some of our marketing tips here, here and here.


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