Hotel Ads are Growing – Are You Using Them?


What goes into a successful revenue strategy? We’ve taken a good hard look at what you need to consider before and during your strategy planning. Take a look below for our revenue experts’ advice on which factors you must consider in your own revenue strategy.

Secondly, what summer trends do hoteliers need to know? Trivago has taken a look at some of their data to tell us what’s hot right now.

Check out those guides, along with some recent industry news around Hotel Ads and tech investment, below. Hotel Ads are Google’s big travel money maker in Europe – take advantage of them if you’re not already!

What Makes a Successful Revenue Strategy for Independent Hotels?

The independent hotel doesn’t have the negotiating power or marketing budgets of multinational chain hotels, so they’re in a more vulnerable negotiating position with OTAs. There are also often issues with investing in and integrating new technology.

However, independent hotels can react more quickly to changes in the market, and have the freedom to offer unique experiences to their guests.

We want to address what we see as the main challenges and opportunities for revenue management in independent hotels in 2017.

First and foremost, hotels must have a clear revenue strategy in place.

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What Summer Trends do Hoteliers Need to Know to Maximize Bookings?

With trivago’s 1.4 billion annual searches, they see many clear trends in user search behavior and preferences. From that data*, they ascertained some best practices for hoteliers to follow when marketing their properties and establishing their price strategy. What follows are a few factoids and infographics as they relate to summer trends 2017.

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Google Exec Says Hotel Ads Are the Big Moneymaker in Europe

Are you on Google Hotel Ads? They’re big – and growing. As Skift says, “It doesn’t surprise any soul who knows the travel industry that Google Hotel Ads is the breadwinner and Google Flights takes a back seat revenue-wise, but it’s nice to hear Google finally say it.”.

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Travel Tech Investment Deals Hit Four-Year High

The number of new funding rounds into travel tech businesses increased by 12% between 2015 and 2016. Although the volume of individual deals climbed during last year, actual levels of funding were down overall on the previous year.

Tech financing tracker CBInsights found the total number of deals reached their highest level since 2012 with a total of 360 investments.

Take a look at the value being placed on travel technology by investors:

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