Hotel Superpowers: Week in Review

Here’s a handy guide to the best stuff we’ve put out this week. Conversion-centered marketing tips on Facebook and web design, some of the top curated articles on hotels and marketing for hotels from around the web, and Trivago’s revitalized Hotel Manager can all be found here. So, settle in, skim for your favorites, or take a look at all of them and start learning how to help give your hotel’s marketing wings.


Trivago Looking Towards Independent Hotel

Trivago is aiming to reduce the company’s reliance on advertising from OTAs, their traditional focus. The meta-search site is now looking to ways to make listings from hotels’ actual websites more prominent, including adding the links back to hotel sites for direct bookings.

In addition to tilting their focus towards hotels, Thomas emphasized to Skift that this new focus would be specifically on independent hotels. They have previously been focused on chain hotels and OTAs, and these will continue to remain a priority. However, Thomas says they now believe that strengthening relations with independent hotels is the way forward.

13 Tips to Optimise Your Hotel’s Presence on Facebook

Social networking sites have revolutionized the way we use the we today: if you don’t have an active social media presence, you simply don’t exist. You are missing out on huge opportunities to engage and sell to your existing and potential guests. According to, the average user logs about1.78 hours per day on social platforms, accounting for 28% of all their online activity.

So why not take just a little slice of that online activity and use it to your benefit? You can take advantage of social to drive direct bookings for your hotel. This article gives you a crash course in social selling and will help you understand how to turn social media into sales.


What’s your favorite article from the week?

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