Maximise your Christmas Voucher Sales!

Peak season to be merry, and peak season for voucher sales!

We monitor buyer trends every year to try and pick up on people’s habits. Paying attention to these trends should help maximise your sales over the next few precious weeks!

We’ve analysed our data from 2018 below, and have pulled out some key insights we recommend you take into account as you continue to implement your Christmas voucher strategy.

When did voucher sales pick up?

We’re sure you’ve had your campaign up and running since late November as per our recommendations over previous years. However voucher sales in 2018 picked up significant volume from December 10th. With only a couple of weeks to go before Christmas at this stage, people are starting to decide on gifts and get organised! Be aware of this over the coming days.


When are the peak times?

During the week?

Peak day during the week is Monday. Weekend sales drop, as we’ve typically seen happen over the years. December is a hectic social time with parties, family time, shopping to be done, and all sorts taking up people’s leisurely hours at the weekend!

During the month?

Big surprise… payday in December is a key peak day! No explanation needed here. As is consistent with other years, Christmas Eve is when almost 10% of voucher sales happen. No matter when the day falls, this trend never changes! We’re clearly a nation of panic buyers…

Interestingly, over 3% of purchases happen on Christmas Day itself. Following this, the buying madness doesn’t stop yet – Stephen’s Day (26th December) performs well too, delivering a similar volume of voucher sales as the earlier days in the month.

What’s the best way to continue promoting my Christmas vouchers?

  • Ramp up your general marketing efforts to increase remarketing lists!
  • Ensure your Christmas voucher campaign is live and in full swing at this stage (as we are approaching peak buying times)
  • The use of vibrant, eye-catching and emotive visuals within your ads can help to attract potential buyers
  • Use an early purchase incentive to increase conversions throughout the season
  •  Remarketing and email marketing are the key to selling vouchers and will help provide the best ROI!

Any questions on this? Don’t hesitate to give our team a shout, they’d be happy to help! Get in touch with us at

Merry Christmas!

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