Cyber Weekend – What were the results for 2019?

So Cyber Weekend 2019 has come and gone in typical whirlwind fashion! As expected, people didn’t hold back, and purse strings were definitely not tightened. Globally, digital revenue grew an average of 12%.


The American-born weekend (or week in some cases) is taken advantage of by savvy shoppers everywhere, who know a good deal when they see one. Pasting up a half baked deal with the words ‘BLACK FRIDAY’ emblazoned in all caps won’t get you anywhere – your deal needs to be significant and of true value in order to be successful.

Anyway, here’s what we found from analysing our client’s data during this year’s Cyber Weekend!

What were conversions like?

  • The e-commerce conversion rate over the weekend was up 48% compared to the average for the rest of November
  • We saw conversion rates peak on Black Friday, coming in at 73% above the month’s average
  • Black Friday was the biggest day for conversions last year too, with Cyber Monday coming in a close second (this is in line with global trends)
  • It’s interesting that Black Friday is the biggest day for conversions considering Cyber Monday is the best day for digital discounts!
  • 19% of transactions (bookings & vouchers) in a 30 day period (Nov 3 – Dec 2) happened over the 4 days of Cyber Weekend, also peaking on Black Friday

What devices were people browsing & buying on?

  • Surprise surprise… as the postman could have predicted, mobile saw huge growth over the weekend! This is heavily in line with its steady rise year on year


  • To put the growth of mobile into context, almost 2 in 3 transactions were through mobile on Saturday & Sunday
  • 49% of all revenue came from mobile shoppers
  • 55% of transactions were through mobile with Saturday & Sunday particularly strong (there were over 60% of mobile transactions on both of these days)
  • Desktop results didn’t budge compared to last year, delivering 44% of revenue
  • Tablet trailed behind yet again, coming in at 7% (down from 11% last year)

What about social?

  • People spent a pretty significant amount through sociala again this year, with 28% of all social revenue in the month of November delivered over Cyber Weekend
  • This is an impressive result, but weaker compared to last year, where 45% of the month’s social revenue was delivered over Cyber Weekend
  • This could be due to a number of reasons but perhaps lowering levels of trust in social platforms has contributed. There are also so many brands vying for attention on social at this time of year and when we’re faced with too many options, some of us tend to not choose anything at all! All of this said, the results are still significant.

 So, all in all?

All in all, we saw another huge increase in activity this Cyber weekend compared to a regular weekend! More specifically we saw…

  • 72% increase in conversion rates
  • 77% increase in transactions
  • 43% increase in revenue

It will become more and more important each year to have a deal that cuts through the chaos of this money-spending weekend! An eye-catching offer and a mobile optimised website will be your recipe for Cyber Weekend success in 2020.

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