Meet Our Digital Marketing Strategists | Net Affinity

Meet Our Digital Marketing Strategists | Net Affinity

Did you know that we recently secured a podium finish in the HotelTechAwards, for the third consecutive year? 

Often referred to as “the Grammys of Hotel Tech”, these awards are uniquely data-driven, selecting winners from over 200 of the top technology products globally. 

That means, in addition to recently securing Google Premier status (one of only nine businesses to do so in Ireland!), Net Affinity was named the third-best hospitality marketing agency in the world. 

We thought we’d sit down with three of our digital marketing strategists to find out exactly what it is that gives us that star factor. 

Meet Some of Our Digital Marketing Strategists

For this blog, we spoke to three of our valued employees: Christiane Foller, Paola Simonato and Suzie Earle.

Christiane is our Digital Marketing Services Manager, having been a part of Net Affinity for 11 years. In her role, she manages the operations of our marketing services team, overseeing overall strategy for clients (including a multi-million € campaign portfolio across 6 platforms). 

Paola and Suzie sit within her team, both senior digital marketing strategists who have been with us for 2.5 and 4 years respectively. 

They’re Christiane’s boots on the ground, responsible for the end-to-end management of digital marketing strategies for Net Affinity clients. Their day-to-day work can involve anything from developing strategic initiatives to driving growth and executing campaigns, to providing clients with data-driven optimisation and actionable reporting. 

Our Continued Success at the HotelTechAwards

We asked Christiane, Paola, and Suzie why they thought Net Affinity has consistently outperformed its competitors to remain in the top 3 at the Hotel Tech Awards since 2022. Their answers centered around the value of our product and the dedication of our team. 

It’s a winning combination,” Suzie shared. “We are providing hoteliers with an innovative product along with industry expertise.

Paola agreed, adding: “I think that the emphasis on crafting bespoke strategies that genuinely benefit hoteliers, coupled with the dedication and talent of our team, has set us apart from the crowd.

What Sets Net Affinity Apart From Its Competitors

Given the HotelTechAwards are determined, not by a judging panel or votes of popularity, but by product reviews from verified hotel technology users across more than 120 countries, it’s no surprise that our employees feel Net Affinity stands out from its competitors. 

We’re client-centric and forward-thinking,” Paola said. “We actively engage with clients to comprehend their goals and tailor our solutions accordingly, meaning our booking engine and services not only meet but exceed the expectations of both our clients and their guests.

Christiane echoed this. “We work hard on being transparent with our clients, which allows for open dialogue. This is what helps build trust with our clients, who are then reassured that we have their best interests at heart when we suggest creative approaches to their problems.

Why Our Digital Marketing Strategists Chose Net Affinity

Whilst the opportunity to build strong working relationships with clients was an important factor for Christiane, Paola and Suzie, there was also so much more about our business that initially drew them to join us. 

Suzie had interacted with Net Affinity in a previous role, when we stood out to her as being “a progressive and evolving tech company” that she wanted to be a part of. 

Christiane had previously worked as the General Manager of a small boutique hotel in Dublin, which helped her to realise that she “really enjoyed the analytical and strategic sides of the job much more than the operations.” She continued, “Here, I have the opportunity to work on marketing strategies in an industry that I love.” 

Paola, the most recent addition out of the three, shared that she “was inspired by Net Affinity’s commitment to aiding hoteliers with adaptable strategies in the aftermath of the 2020 pandemic. Joining the company in 2021 was an exciting decision shaped by the challenging landscape of the travel and hospitality industry at the time.”

Our Team Culture and Development Opportunities

In return for their commitment and hard work, the team feel we’ve provided a supportive work environment and nurtured a culture of continuous personal and professional development. 

Although we’re a remote-first company, we make sure we don’t miss out on the social side of work life,” Paola highlighted. “I have also had the chance to attend prominent digital marketing events, both virtual and in-person, which provided invaluable networking opportunities and insights into emerging trends.

Christiane agreed. “We put extra focus on making sure our team members feel supported, both in their work and on the social side of things. I encourage my team to read and learn as much as possible - we’ve been running a weekly coffee & learn session since 2019, where we come together to learn new skills, upskill each other in a topic we know in depth or discuss emerging industry trends that we can incorporate into our strategies.

The team has always been inclusive and supportive,” Suzie commented. “We have access to a huge number of online courses. As a marketer, I am constantly learning!

What Do Our Digital Marketing Strategists See In Our Future? 

Net Affinity continues to go from strength to strength, which is apparent not only from our consistent HotelTechAwards rankings, but also through the optimism Christiane, Paola and Suzie have towards the future of the business. 

All three believe that there’s an even brighter future ahead for Net Affinity. “The hotel industry, and marketing on a larger scale, are at an inflection point with increased privacy-first changes coming our way this year and AI on top of everyone’s minds,” Christiane said. 

She continued, “That’s why a big focus for the marketing team this year will be building strategies for a privacy-first world and educating our clients on tools that will help them thrive.” 

Paola echoed this: “I see Net Affinity leading the hotel tech industry, remaining agile and responsive to market trends, and empowering our clients with the tools and strategies necessary to thrive in an increasingly digital hospitality landscape. I’m sure that with our determination, dedication, and adaptability, we have the potential to turn any ambitious goal into reality.

I expect the company will continue to expand market share,” Suzie added, “and will be a renowned industry leader across Ireland and the UK.” 

It’s a testament to the talent and dedication of the team that the current marketing client retention rate is 97%. If their services are something you feel your business could also benefit from, get in touch today and we would be happy to discuss your needs further. 

Alternatively, why not read about our third consecutive accreditation as a certified ‘Great Place to Work’

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