Mespil Hotel Enhances Market Presence

Mespil Hotel Enhances Market Presence

An independent 4-star property in the heart of Dublin, Mespil Hotel is known for its distinctive blend of professional service and personal charm.

Managed by a dedicated family team, the hotel has evolved from a 3-star establishment in 2016 to a prestigious 4-star hotel, reflecting the vibrant spirit of Dublin city centre.

At Mespil Hotel, guests experience a unique blend of modern amenities and traditional Irish hospitality. Its recent upgrade to 75 premium executive rooms enhances its commitment to quality and comfort, positioning Mespil as a leader in sustainable urban accommodation.

Why did Mespil Hotel choose us?

Mespil Hotel's decision to partner with Net Affinity in 2016 was driven by our strong market presence and the professionalism of our team.

Recognised through industry connections, our senior staff's professionalism and our approach during the tender process made for a persuasive pitch.

The decisive factor was our dedicated digital marketing specialist, who presented a unique selling proposition that perfectly aligned with Mespil’s vision for growth and modernisation.

What goals did Mespil Hotel want to achieve?

Seeking to elevate its 4-star brand and expand its market reach, Mespil Hotel was at a crucial juncture.

The goals were clear: enhance the online booking experience, maximise direct bookings, and leverage digital marketing to target new customer segments effectively.

Additionally, Mespil aimed to integrate sustainability into its operations, aspiring to set new standards in environmentally responsible hospitality.

The results since have been significant. From the start of our partnership in 2016, Mespil Hotel has consistently seen year-on-year growth in both bookings and revenue.

In the first quarter of 2024, for example, the hotel achieved an impressive 48.2% increase in bookings and a 41.8% increase in revenue compared to the same period in 2019. These figures not only highlight the successful upgrade in service and branding but also the effective capture of new market segments through strategic digital marketing initiatives.

Targeted segmentation and bespoke messaging have been instrumental for Mespil Hotel. This refined approach to their digital marketing has resulted in a notable uptake in impressions and sales, demonstrating the effectiveness of a tailored strategy. The style and messaging of their new advertising campaigns have yielded impressive results, significantly boosting direct online sales.

Promotional activities have been optimised too, with Mespil Hotel developing a keen understanding of what resonates best at different times of the year. Over the last 12 to 18 months, they have placed a focused emphasis on direct sales, a strategy that has seen them surpass Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) in terms of revenue generation.

Mespil Hotel is keen to maintain this momentum, continuing to prioritise direct engagement with its customer base.

How easy have Mespil Hotel found working with us?

From the outset, Mespil Hotel has felt fully supported by our bespoke advice and strong reporting.

Describing Net Affinity as an extension of their team, the hotel values our proactive communication and the regular, insightful meetings that drive their marketing and sales strategies forward.

Our comprehensive support system and the ease of managing bookings and digital campaigns have made the operational aspects straightforward, allowing Mespil to focus on guest experience and service excellence.

What sets us apart from our competitors?

We asked Emma Allen, Group Sales and Marketing Manager at Mespil Hotel, to describe Net Affinity in a few words. Her answer? 'Professional, positive, and proactive.'

Emma highlights how our relationship management sets us apart from the competition. She sees Net Affinity as an essential part of their extended team, not just as a service provider, emphasising our collaborative approach.

She and her team trust us for our clear communication and honest advice, which are always aligned with their best interests. This makes us a dependable partner, continuously advancing their strategy with innovative solutions tailored to their evolving needs.

For more information about the Mespil Hotel, visit the official website

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