Net Affinity Increase the Speed of Their Mobile Web App by 20% with AMP

Net Affinity are AMPing up their mobile web app. They have recently rolled out updates to their mobile web app across all users of the app. This update uses the AMP framework, whose many benefits include improving site speed.

This update has already increased site speed by an average of 20%. Speed is expected to increase even further in the near future. Net Affinity have taken this step as part of a dedication to bringing the best possible user experience to their hotel websites, across all devices.

Mobile browsing and bookings are ubiquitous for users today, and speed is key to the mobile affinity AMP mobile rolllout

As mobile transactions and revenue start to catch up to mobile traffic for hotels, a great mobile experience is a way for hotels to cut ahead of the competition. 60% of travel searches came on mobile devices in 2016, according to Google. Additionally, conversion rates have grown 88% on mobile travel sites. Hotels must make sure they are part of the trend. That means creating a mobile experience designed to let users do what they already want to do: research and book your hotel directly from mobile devices.

For many users, that great experience on mobile starts with speed. For every second a hotel website takes to load, a certain percentage of users will drop off. The stress and frustration in remaining users makes them more reluctant to book a stay in that hotel.

That’s not a problem for the Net Affinity mobile app. With this latest update, we are bringing our clients all the benefits of the fastest possible mobile site:

  • Increased Conversion Rates on Mobile
  • A Better User Experience
  • Improved Ranking on Search Engines

Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMPs, are an open source initiative from Google which aims to dramatically improve mobile web performance. When websites are on AMP, rich content like image carousels, maps, and videos, all of which hotels rely on to show off their properties to fullest advantage, load nearly instantaneously.

Net Affinity have chosen to use AMP to offer their hotel clients that great experience on mobile for their guests. AMP uses a super lightweight HTML framework – a stripped back version of a normal page’s coding – to create a lightning fast experience. However, this still allows Net Affinity to showcase their clients’ properties on beautiful, responsive webpages. Those webpages are just even faster than before. Are you ready to AMP up?

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