New surroundings at Net Affinity

New year, new us.

We love the start of a new year, not because it’s an opportunity to change yourself but rather, it’s an opportunity to better yourself. Improve. Grow. Build on who you already are, and what you’ve achieved already.

Here at Net Affinity, we recognise the importance of constantly evolving, and right now, we’re embarking on a new and exciting journey we want you to join us on. For starters, we’ve moved offices. Based around the corner from our previous premises, we’re currently settling into airy, spacious, pretty slick surroundings and we’re looking forward to having you come visit. Click on the video below for a quick tour; and stay tuned, we’ll be showing you around properly soon.

We’re really proud of, and have great respect for, the highly skilled, wonderfully intelligent people who work for Net Affinity. How could we not be, especially considering our recent win in the Hotel Tech Awards 2019. When you have such a rich variety of abilities, approaches and personalities under one roof, it (1) ignites creative solutions (2) fosters a creative, progressive environment. We want to keep growing our dynamic pool of expertise – so we’ve invested in some impressive new hires, we’ll introduce them soon.

The thing about great change and growth is it doesn’t just happen overnight. We’re on a journey and we hope you’ll come with us, because, at the end of the day… we love hotels.

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