[SLIDESHARE] 13 Tips to Optimize Your Hotel’s Facebook Presence

Are you using Facebook to connect with your existing customers and potential new guests? We are in the midst of a social marketing revolution, and there are huge new opportunities for growth.

Your customers have changed: they’re now more digitally aware and involved in the research and booking process. They are engaged in every step of the process, and this puts them in the driving seat more than ever before.

We need to understand new ways to connect with potential guests, with the kind of depth and color they’re now used to.

This SlideShare will give you a crash course in social selling and will help you understand the best ways to turn your Facebook presence into sales.

Social networking sites have revolutionised the way we use the we today: if you don’t have an active social media presence, you simply don’t exist. You are missing out on huge opportunities to engage and sell to your existing and potential guests. According to Adweek.com, the average user logs about 1.78 hours per day on social platforms, accounting for 28% of all their online activity. So why not take just a little slice of that online activity and use it to your benefit? You can take advantage of social to drive direct bookings for your hotel.

Facebook often update their algorithms to ensure that its users are getting the best possible experience each time that they log in. It’s getting increasingly harder for your hotel’s business page to stand out in all the noise.

In order to be on top of your game, let’s look at a 13 of the best optimisation tips for your hotel’s Facebook presence.

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