[SlideShare] Keep Your Room Rates In Check: How to Fight Rate Disparity

Rate disparity is when wires get crossed and lower rates are offered on some or all OTAs than the rates your own site.

Left unchecked, this can seriously impact your hotel’s bottom line. When prices are lower on OTAs, there’s no incentive to book direct. If you’re not driving direct bookings, you’re giving bookings to channels with higher booking costs and losing out on revenue. You’re also losing a chance to gain a guest’s loyalty and repeated bookings.

Hotels often find themselves with lower rates on OTAs and other third party channels than they do on their own website – that’s not good! So what can hotels do?

This presentation will cover:

  • The impact of rate disparity on your hotel’s bottom line
  • Causes of rate disparity
  • How hotels can combat this and encourage direct bookings

Check out the presentation to get all the tips you need to gain control of your rates.

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