[SlideShare] 11 Things to Look for in a Hotel Booking Engine Provider


What should you be getting from your hotel booking engine provider? Which features are most important to your hotel, and which can you live without?

From our perspective, your hotel booking engine provider should be giving you a highly flexible, fully controllable, feature-rich solution, along with in-depth reporting and a team to support you.

A good booking engine provider adds value in several ways. It aids you in:

  • Brand promotion
  • Lower costs than other online channels
  • Increasing the lifetime value of the guest
  • Retaining the loyalty of the guest

We’ve created a quick presentation to explain how a good booking engine provider helps achieve these things.

Before we dive into 11 of the most important things to look for in a hotel booking engine provider, here’s a checklist of 10 top-level questions to ask yourself about your provider:

If you’re seeking out a booking engine, keep those questions in the forefront of your mind. Make a list of the features and functionality that are most important to your hotel, so you know what you’re looking for as you do your research.

Below, we’ve listed 11 of the most important things to look for in a hotel booking engine provider to get you started. We’ll be asking:

  1. Are they connected to all the channels your hotel is on?
  2. Do they have a mobile solution?
  3. Is their booking engine flexible enough for your hotel’s needs?
  4. What kind of customer service and reporting do they offer?
  5. How do they help promote a Book Direct message?
  6. Do they offer other services to drive bookings, such a digital marketing and design?
  7. Do they have an expert understanding of what drives conversions?
  8. Are they constantly innovating and preparing for future developments? How can you tell?
  9. Are their team experts in the hospitality industry and the technology sector?
  10. Are their features to help you build guest relationships?
  11. What range of client types do they have?

Let’s dive in.

Words by Tayor Smariga
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