[SlideShare] 6 Ways Revenue Managers Use Data


What should revenue managers base their decisions on? At the core, Revenue managers must base their decisions on data.

Potential guests are easily overwhelmed when they’re visiting dozens of websites and looking at hundreds of hotels. When they get to your website, ensure that it’s different. Make your website a haven of carefully-selected images, content and rate plans.

Focus your hotel’s online activities completely on clarity and data-driven decisions. No matter how chaotic the rapid changes in the industry may seem, revenue managers need to hold onto their minds and stick to the data.

We’ve made a presentation to sum up 6 of the most important ways to use data. We focused on:

  1. Net Gain per Channel
  2. Historical Data
  3. Pace Reports
  4. Booking Windows
  5. Channel Performance
  6. Cancellations

To get all the details, check out the presentation above.


Words by Tayor Smariga

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