The Breaffy House Resort: Tackling Direct Bookings

The Client:

Consisting of two of the most highly commended hotels in Mayo, The Breaffy House Resort is the ideal destination for a well-deserved break. Whether it be at Breaffy House Hotel or Breaffy Woods Hotel, those who have experienced either, vow to return. The traditional Irish charm and hospitality of the hotels, complimented by the magnificent grounds can certainly be thanked for this.

The Brief

The Breaffy House Resort made the decision to tackle direct bookings. They strived to put more focus on pushing these direct bookings and were able to do so with the help of Net Affinity. We worked closely with the resort’s team to implement a comprehensive marketing strategy to optimise the way this book direct strategy is showcased and promoted.

The Approach

Joe Chernov, chief marketing officer at Robin said that “Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.” Some of the features that Net Affinity’s Book Direct strategy consists of is a Best Available rate for the guest when they book via hotels own website and changing the rate display on the site from “Per Person Staying” to “Total Stay.” This, in turn, increased the number of guests proceeding through the booking funnel.

The Marketing Strategy

Once we implemented this strategy to push direct bookings, we needed to share it. This was done by optimising the marketing strategy through the use of HTML5 and campaign-specific ads, as well as marketing landing pages. On Facebook, we increased spend and our ads are more long-term and regular, which has resulted in the biggest CPA growth overall for both remarketing and prospecting campaigns on this platform.

The Result

An increase in prospecting activity and overall budget has resulted in increased impressions year-on-year by over 50%. Considering this significant increase in exposure, the CPA of 4.18% that we have seen since implementing the strategy is a very strong one!


The Feedback:

Claire Bird, Rooms Division Manager has said that “Net Affinity understands the importance of Revenue Management and provides an extremely user-friendly system to implement immediate changes to foresee and react to market demand. Their reporting side instantly combines information gathered and foresees the future, helping with budgeting and forecasting. With increasing daily traffic directly to our website, we are winning the ‘book direct’ challenge!”

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