This week’s Friday Five is all about that social- how to use it, why to use it, the return of the email newsletter and the reasons Twitter is more useful than you probably think it is. Check out these posts for a dive into the sometimes-confusing world of social media and how you can use it to actually communicate with real customers.

Let’s go.

How to Use Social Media for Small Business

Many hotels, especially smaller ones without an in house marketing team, can find themselves a little overwhelmed at all the possibilities social media gives a business or unsure about what best practices are. This post is a great starting point in learning how to jump start your social (and it’s got a charming infographic, too!).

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4 Things Twitter Wishes You Would Do On Twitter

There’s been a 59% increase in tweets to the hopsitality and travel industry this year alone. Twitter is more important than a lot of us think – it can be used for instant customer service for guests, getting the word out about new offers or amenities, and a whole lot more. Find out how Twitter can help your hotel!

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The Triumphant Return of the Email Newsletter

“No one cares about traffic anymore.”

What matters instead is influence, and one way to build it is by guiding audiences through the chaos of so much content. Today’s there’s no better way to do that – and demonstrate influence — than producing an email people will actually open.It’s about the problem of discovery in an overwhelming age. Most of us don’t want more content – we want less, but better.

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13 Tips to Optimise Your Hotel’s Facebook Presence

Are you using social media to connect with your existing customers and potential new guests? We are in the midst of a social marketing revolution, and there are huge new opportunities for growth.Your customers have changed and are now more digitally aware and involved in the research and booking process. They are engaged in every step of the process, and this puts them in the driving seat more than ever before.

This article will give you a crash course in social selling and will help you understand the key principles of social media that will enable you to turn social media into sales.

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Who Wants to Kill Word of Mouth

Before your run off and start tweeting like crazy after reading these, remember: Your goal, ultimately, is to connect to people on a human level. Big data can and does help you learn how to communicate, but make sure you’re keeping the who and the why – your guests past, present and future – in the front of your mind. Reviews and other personal forms of communication have a huge effect on how many people book with you.

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