[Cheatsheet] 10 Tips to Analyse and Improve Your Hotel’s Distribution Activity

Distribution is one of the murkiest areas of revenue management for many hoteliers. It’s also one of the most important areas to manage carefully when you’re trying to drive direct bookings. Which channels should you be on? Which ones are giving you bookings? What about cancellation rates? And are some bookings more valuable than others?

There’s only one way to answer those questions: data.

To get a quick guide to the 10 pieces of data you should be looking at to improve your hotel’s distribution game, here’s a one-page cheatsheet. Once you’ve printed this off and ticked the boxes, you’ll be fully armed. You will know which channels are growing, which ones are giving you the most guests and the fewest cancellations, which channels are popular in your low periods, and how much value each one really delivers.

To simplify your life, download the cheatsheet, print it off, and start analysing. You’ll be glad you did.

get-the-cheatsheet hotel distribution


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