Are you ready to maximise your hotel’s Black Friday sales?


We don’t know how it happened so quickly, but here we are again – Black Friday, 27th November 2020, is approaching at lightening speed!


Let’s take a look at some results we noted from Cyber weekend last year compared to a normal weekend of sales:

  • 72% increase in conversion rates
  • 77% increase in transactions
  • 43% increase in revenue

Another thing we noted was that 2 in 3 transactions were through mobile on the Saturday & Sunday of Cyber weekend.

With the phenomenally different kind of year we find ourselves in, it’s arguably even more important for you to emphasize your Black Friday/Cyber weekend offers if you are partaking in the sale.

If you’re going ahead with an offer…

Make it stand out. Be aware of the huge number of businesses that will be demanding attention from the customers you want. What can you do to make your offer unique, while also making sure it’s clear and simple? How can you make it the most appealing, the most eye-catching? Consider extending your offer until April or May 2021 with the stay and spend scheme in mind.

Looking at what’s worked in the past

Previously, we’ve seen the best performance for hotels who ran very simple offers at a large discount and with very few restrictions. Remember that costs for ads increase 2 – 3x over this particular weekend, and customers are on the hunt for a seriously impressive deal. You really need to be offering a 25% discount or more to even make it worth your while participating in Black Friday. Anything less won’t be worth spending time or money on a campaign for. It won’t get the interest you need.


Let them know it’s urgent!

This is a great opportunity to increase your email marketing database and reward your existing subscribers’ loyalty. Send your database an email and give them access to your offer a day before releasing it publicly, and inject a sense of urgency into your tone and content!

On the run up to Black Friday (which essentially starts now), send out some reminder/countdown messages. Create a sense of urgency across your social media channels and in your ezines and their subject lines – think phrases like ‘Limited Time’, ‘Once Off’, that kind of thing. Remember to keep your content and messaging consistent across all your channels, too.

When it comes to your website, it’s important that you set up a dedicated landing page and an action bar if you can, to direct as many customers as possible to your offer. Action bars are another great way of promoting a sense of urgency! Our action bars have a timer function which will countdown the time until the offer is up. Net Affinity clients can find more information on them here!

A note on our best friend, mobile

Our latest device trends report shows that mobile traffic share is currently sitting at 75%, with mobile revenue at 56%. Keep that in mind when you’re designing and promoting your offer!

For more information on how you can get through Level 5, take a look here.

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