Committed to staying well

It was national wellness in the workplace day last week. It’s something we’ve marked and celebrated every year for the past 3 years, and while some national/international days could be seen as the slightest bit ridiculous (15th April is ‘that sucks!’ day for example!) we think this one has major merit.

Over the years Net Affinity has developed a dedicated and ambitious team 43 members strong, full of dynamic talents, creative flair, love for what they do and love for our little thriving company, too.

These days anyone can throw a few brightly coloured bean bag chairs into an office and claim that they indicate an office environment worthy of great people because bean bag chairs in 2019 equal an open, progressive company considerate of modern life’s needs, right?!

We don’t feel that the aesthetics are enough. We genuinely care about the wellbeing of our workforce and we’ve strived towards making their lives happier, better and easier, where we can.

And wellness in the workplace isn’t just for a day. From the little things – like keeping whoever needs it in a steady stream of decent caffeine & seasonal fruit, celebrating individuals for accomplishments & birthdays – to the bigger things – implementing massage days, after-work yoga courses, indulging our self-proclaimed super-star singers with karaoke nights, facilitating lunchtime game-playing and monthly charity breakfasts for a number of causes close to our hearts – an important part of our journey is building on the happiness of our staff.  

Part of what we’re proud of about the makeup of our company is the vibrant mesh of differing skills and personalities, altogether contributing to an environment that’s full of spark and innovation. We understand the importance of having different people come together to create something great, and we know that needs differ, too. We’ve started working with everyone individually to ensure goals and ambitions are being met, and we’ve tried to create a space where staff feel they can talk candidly with their managers about this stuff. Because what’s more an enemy of wellness than a culture of fear?

Our goal as a company is to make the lives of hoteliers simpler. As we continue on this journey, we’ll be keeping staff wellness and happiness up at the top of our priority list, because as far as we’re concerned, one can’t happen without the other.


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