The Ecommerce Team at Net Affinity

You may or may not know them well, but here’s the lowdown on our very knowledgeable Ecommerce Team.


So, our Ecommerce Team are pretty great. Between them, they have a collective 69 years of experience working in the hotel industry! As part of those 69 years, they have a collective 24 years of experience working here at Net Affinity! Most of them are part of the furniture at this stage. ?


They’re a group of certified nerds – certified in HSMAI and Google Adwords & Analytics to be exact!


As a team, their backgrounds extend out into every kind of relevant role imaginable – their previous roles include Sales & Marketing Managers, Director of Sales & Marketing, Revenue Managers and Revenue Specialists. It’s good to remember: they know where you’re coming from, because they’ve been there themselves! They truly understand the pressures of your role, and they have the skills to help.


Speaking of skills, as well as being recognised experts in cooking and yoga (well, some of them!) they’re also undeniably knowledgeable when it comes to direct bookings, revenue management, digital marketing and of course, industry trends – which is where we learn how to keep growing.

Give us a shout on if you’d like to speak to one of our Ecommerce Team!

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