This week’s top articles are all about how data relates to your guests. Learn how to find your ideal guest, use last-minute bookings and why promo codes are a double-edged sword.

If numbers are up, why are hotel owners so frustrated?

Revenue management and marketing are ready for disruption. The same approach with the same tools, yielding the same results is no longer acceptable.

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The Little Box That Is Costing Hotels Millions

Modern travelers are savvy, deal-seekers. If a hotel deal exists, they’ll find it, use it, then expect it every time.

Such is the case with that prominent “promo code” field found on practically every hotel’s booking engine. Widely used by hotels to close the gap during slow periods, promo or discount codes hold dire consequences when it comes to getting travelers to book at all.

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Analytics Unlocked: How to Use Google to Find Your Perfect Customer

Supercharging your conversion rate by analysing large chunks of data can be a tough nut to crack. How do you convert all that data into the kind of numbers you really want—bookings?

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Taking ownership of your guest relationships

In today’s market, if hotel operators don’t make it a priority to own their guest relationships, someone else will. A new HSMAI white paper provides specific recommendations to maximize wallet share and increase customer loyalty, such as integrating internal data sources for a more holistic view of the guest.

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Last-minute bookings: How your hotel can run at 100% occupancy

The growth in last-minute bookings offers an opportunity for hotels to shift stressed inventory – but only if they have the right systems in place. This SiteMinder blog offers advice to help hoteliers sell those very last rooms and maximise booking.

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